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Fall 2013

I wanted to let you know first time i took out my bow i got my first trad deer with it. Thank you for a fine bow.

First off I wanted to thank-you again for the wonderful piece of art you made for me. I could not be happier with my with my Elite Classic.
I am always getting complements on its fine looks quickly followed by how extremely quite it shoots. It casts an arrow better than any other long bow I have ever shot! The Bamabows Elite Classic has become my go to bow. It is an extension of my hand. Recently on my first evening of bow hunting here in the great state of Iowa I was blessed with a great shooting opportunity. A nice 8 pointer walked right into my wheel house. Picking a shooting lane I drew and stopped the buck. Thousands of practice arrows took over from there. The release was perfect. The bow so quite that even at 20 yards the buck never budged as the arrow found its way in to boiler room. He never knew what hit him! He ran off with only the fletchings showing. I later found out that he tipped over near my son less than 80 yards away.
A perfect afternoon of hunting!
Happy hunting

Fall 2012

killed this 7 pointer in north Georgia with my elite classic last weekend. This bow is a joy to shoot, I can't hardly put it down. Sometimes I will stump shoot to my stand and forget I'm there to hunt. I will go to pick up my arrow and run deer off, and don't even care. Just having fun being out shooting. Thanks for a great product.

I bought a Hunter last winter and I love it. I am very impressed with the craftmanship on this bow, it's a smooth and very hard shooter, and beautifully made. I took this buck on Thanksgiving day, at about 15 yards - the first of many with this bow. Nice work sir.
Jamie Johnson
Parsons, TN
Hunter #20114

"For the second time in my short hunting career a Bama has put meat on my family's table. This time on public land with a wooden arrow - a big accomplishment for me. I hunt from natural cover on the ground and Nate's bow are perfect for this application - light in the hand and quiet as a mouse. This deer is a testament to the latter. I was hunting from an elevated position on a ridge, and in my anxious state didn't aim low enough, resulting in a miss over the back. This startled her and her companions, but they didn't go far. In fact, they returned a few moments later to investigate, affording me another shot. This one was on target but she was tense this time and jumped the string causing the arrow to hit high, blowing through the shoulder and penetrating the spine. She went down, and a third arrow (pictured) ended the ordeal within seconds. I was ashamed of myself for the poor shooting, but am thankful for the second opportunity and a swift kill. Bowhunting is difficult and things do not always go as planned. Anything can happen in the woods, and no two encounters are the same. I am thankful I have a bow that is stable when everything else, myself included, are not."
-Nick Viau
Bama Royal 52# @ 28"

Hello Nate,
I finally am able to send you a photo! I took this antlerless buck the other day using my new Hunter Takedown. It looks like he lost his horns early this year as the bases are all rubbed smooth. He gave me the perfect broadside shot at 25 yards. The arrow hit right where I was looking resulting in a double lung complete passthru. The deer went maybe 35 yards before I heard him go down. I want to thank you for making a great longbow. The last bow I'll ever need!
Sutton, MA

I bought an Expedition Hunter last February and fell in love with it.
Since then I have been shooting it as my primary bow and was excited to take it out for deer season. Well yesterday my Hunter did it's job very well (see attached pic). Its not the biggest deer in the woods but I am very happy with it non the less.
This is just the beginning of many successful hunts with my bow.
Thank you for your great work,
- Mic

Australian boar

Gday Mate,
Here's a picture of an Aussie mountain boar taken with your bow.
Quick run down on the bow mate - what can I say but this thing is a weapon, once I found its sweet spot, it showed me how smooth a bow actually can be.
Virtually no hand shock at all
Smooth draw
The bow is smoking fast. The penetration I got with this bow was mind blowing,
It sent the arrow through its spine and ribcage tipped with a two blade broadhead
Its weight -I could carry the bow forever it's so light and well balanced
The anti-glare finish you put on the bow really does the trick. I tested it by literally waving the bow in the pigs face and received no reaction.
I'v taken few animals with the bow, but this is the first worthy of being sent to the Man who made me my Favourite Bow!
Thank you sir.
Hope all is well for you and the family,
All the best mate take care

Shane  M.














Fall 2011


Thought that you might like to share in the great circle of life... Expi got her first deer tonight at 5:00pm. Spotted 3 does walking in from 50 yards through heavy brush.
Took them about 20 minutes to get about 7-10 yards. Let the 1st doe go past...she was 5 yards away but no broadside shot. 2nd doe walked in and offered her side at 7-10 yards max. The third doe was looking at me as I drew back.
I was maybe 12 feet up in the tree with no cover as all the leaves had come down. Hid behind my bow... She ran about 70 yards.
Thanked God for her sacrifice...
God Bless Nate! Love this bow

Small game hunting

What an auspicious day! Just so happened that i FINALLY got my prairie dog yesterday! Took three trips to the dogtown w/ your longbow, but it finally all came together w/ a heart shot at 24 yards! Was trying for high lung, but will take it... ;-)

Fall 2010

I finally got the confidence to put the wheel bow up and go traditional this year. I was glad to get my first traditional kill with the bama bow and a sitka spruce arrow. This is a great hunting bow. I don't have anything against compound bows, but personally have found longbows a lot more enjoyable to shoot in general. Target shooting or hunting , it's always fun to shoot.

"I bought my first longbow, a BamaBows Hunter in the spring of 2010. I had been a recurve shooter for the majority of my 41 years but bought the bow to spark my growing curiosity of the longbow. I shot the bow every day at lunch for the entire spring and loved the way it shot for me. When the NM draw came in June, I had a little luck and drew a good unit for elk so I put the longbow down and picked up my recurve to prepare for the hunt. A month later I was still having a hard time transitioning back to the recurve so I made the decision to go with the Hunter. Although I was a little nervous about going after such a big animal for my first hunt with a longbow, I had a lot of confidence in this bow.

Fast forward two months and there I was in the thick of it on the second afternoon of my hunt. Four of us went together on the hunt but I was mostly hunting alone as were the other guys. The elk were thick and this particular afternoon we decided to all go together and locate some bulls and then split up. It wasn't long and we had several bulls working within probably a quarter mile radius but not yet in sight so we just kind of scattered and began closing the gap while keeping them agitated. When I first saw this bull he was probably 80-100 yards away from me. He was MAD! and coming directly at me trying to get to my buddy who was talking to him from somewhere on a ridge up behind me (we had lost sight of one another). The bull was drooling, screaming and coming fast. I had the bull within 20yds but he was coming straight at me so no shot. He then turned to walk up the ridge to go take my friend out and briskly walked out from behind a tree and I had him perfect quartering away but about 35-40yds. Then for the first time he stopped. I knew he had sensed a problem and he was kind of prancing in place and getting real itchy to bolt. The shot was a little farther than I had wanted but it was a now or never moment and I felt confident. The arrow flew perfect and hit hard. I knew it was a fatal hit but was concerned about it being a little back so I cow called at him as he slowly ambled off and just sat there as he walked over the ridge about 100yds away. Within 15 minutes I could here the thrashing and agonal breaths so we went and recovered him about 150yds from where I had shot.

My BamaBows Hunter had just killed the biggest bull of the dozen or so elk which I have taken in my life. The bull is a 7X7 and green scores at right around 300, no world record but a record for me and one I will never forget.

Specs: BamaBows Hunter 57#@31", GT 5575 w/ 165gr Simmons Landshark with bleeder blade. The broadhead cut off the front of the liver and hit the back lung for a 150yd and 15-20 minute recovery.
Shawn C. Edwards, DVM "